INTRODUCING: The Boon Method - A fREE video on a New Technique to Bring About Relief
techniques that work!:
Discover how Stress Relief can reduce your Menopausal Symptoms 
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: How to reduce Menopausal Symptoms
Learn techniques that will actually reduce your symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, and low mood.
Secret #2: How to reconnect to your inner calm
Understand what you can do to tap into your inner core of stillness, mentally, physically and emotionally
Secret #3: How to feel empowered and take control of your life
Understand how the menopause affects you, how you can manage your symptoms and traverse this phase with optimism and confidence.

What you will get from this course......


 How this meditation actually works in combating anxiety and a guided meditation for you to reduce your anxiety, to change the negative rumination

Breathing Practice

Why this actually works to calm and soothe your nervous system, so you can understand and take control in your life + a video practice for you to be guided and learn

Mind Body Movement 

How mind-body movement will help you manage your anxiety, and a guided video practice for you to do at home everyday


How to elicit your 'relaxation response'  + a guided relaxation known as iRest that is used for Trauma to heal for anything from anxiety to PTSD

A Reflection Journal

The Reflective Practice of Journalling used to bring awareness about your triggers of anxiety, and how you give you space to respond rather than react.
 Downloadable, just for you.

What other people have said about Bryony's teaching....

 I cannot recommend Bryony and her yoga classes enough. An atmosphere of peace and calm, her classes are both subtle and vigorous. Skilled and sensitive to individual needs and with the most soothing voice which makes all the stresses of everyday life just melt away (Tessa de Cordova)
"If I had to picture the perfect yoga voice it would be Bryony's, her relaxations are dreamy at the end of class. Above all Bryony has a great awareness of how to make yoga accessible and realistic for everyone and cuts through any yoga speak in order to help people find what they need...I only wish I could have a class with her everyday!" Dom Berner  
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